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Alexander Parnell - Creator of East Point Creative

Alexander Parnell has been working in photography and video production for the past 7 years, in that time he has started to create his own style for his photography and filmmaking. In the last few years Alex has specialised in architectural/interior photography and also personal/mini documentary style films based around local brands and businesses. Alex has lived in Suffolk his whole life and has a love for the natural beauty of its countryside and coastline. The range of independent business and impressive properties across Suffolk has guided Alex into creating East Point Creative as a way of showing off what this county has to offer.


Alex Hermon - Cinematographer

Alex Hermon has also been working in video production for the past 7 years, hes now specialising in Cinematography and currently does a lot of work with commerical clients and TV channels like the Discovery Channel. Alex is usally brought in for larger corporate and commercial projects where more cameras are required, over the last few years he has created his own style of filmmaking and has been honored with a range of awards for his work.

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Alexander Dimmock - Editor/Assistant Camera

Alex Dimmock is an editor and assistant camera operator here at East Point Creative, for the past few years Alex has been working on his editing skills for a range of corporate and event projects. Alex has a keen eye for detail and loves to create inovative content, he is fully trained in the adobe creative suite and loves to enhance his editing skills. Recently Alex has been assisting with camera operatoring, helping to create some of our stunning and high quality films for our clients.