At East Point Creative we offer a wide range of services across photography and video production, we see these services as an investment into your future and brand. We spend a huge amount of time and effort to create tailor made products which fit your business model and work across all of your social media pages. Each project is different, so to get an accurate idea of how much it will cost, please get in touch with us though our contact page.


Video Services

Promotional Video - Our promotional videos are perfect for smaller business and individual personalities, they are specifically designed to show off your business or product to the highest of standards. Our aim is to express your business model and message though tailored filming and editing techniques. Our promotional videos are normally between 1-3 minutes long but can be longer if needed.

Corporate Video - Our corporate videos are some of the most professional and high end content we create, these are designed for medium to large size companies. Our corporate videos tend to range from 2-5 minutes and can be filmed with a variety of people at a range of locations.

Mini Documentaries/Personal Video - Our mini documentaries/Personal videos are designed with passion to humanise your business or personal brand. These videos tend to last 1-2 minutes and are created with social media pages in mind.

Virtual Property Tours - Our property tour videos are custom made to meet your needs, we can create fast paced and modern videos to sell some real estate, or create a more calming and dressed video for your holiday let.


Photography Services

Interior and Architectural Photography - We offer two packages for interior and architecutral photography. One aimed at real estate which foucses on a large amount of high quality images created for you in the quickest time possible, then another which is aimed at businesses wanting to show off their properties to the highest of standards.

Headshot and Portrait Photography - Our Headshot and Portrait photography are aimed to create dynamic and professional shots that can be used across your website, social media pages and Linkedin. We can shoot these shots on location or where ever you think is fitting for your business or brand.

Corporate and Promotional Photography - Corporate and Promotional photography can be anything from shots of your business, your employees or team, products or services you offer. Our aim with our corporate and promotional photography is to convey your business model and message in the most creative way.

Event Photography - Event Photography is all about capturing the action as it happens, we’ve covered a range of events of the last few years and offer a high service of professional photos for whatever the occasion.


Social Media Packages

Instagram Photos and Videos - Social media is one of the biggest marketing tools we have at our finger tips, a good Instagram page can bring in more clients and can spread your business or product to a larger audience. Our Instagram packages include coming to your business, taking a range of photos and videos, editing the photos and putting the clips together to make some Instagram friendly videos. If you don’t already have a Instagram we can also help you start one up too.

Facebook photos and videos - On your Facebook page it’s been found you get an increase of 37% higher engagement if you have visuals for your followers to see, our Facebook package includes us coming to your business and creating some Facebook friendly photos and videos. We can also help you set up a page if you don’t already have one.


we aim to create the best possible content For your business and are happy to work within your choosen budget should you have one. So to get a more realstic idea of how much your project could cost, please get in touch though The button below.